VIPthrills Privileges Membership is by invite only or through qualifying purchases*.

As a VIPthrills Privileges Member you will gain access into high profile events and product launches, receive front of the line access to some of the hottest venues, receive discounts or waived fees on purchases** and qualify for advanced bidder status on auctions managed by VIPthrills.

Like any loyalty program VIPthrills believes in treating its customers as special VIP’s and rewarding your loyalty with perks that are second to none.

The best part of the program, aside from being granted VIP access into some of the hottest events, is that once you are accepted into the program you can begin collecting points which can be used to purchase great gifts and items from any of our auctions and partners.

To be considered for a membership you may register today***

* Users who purchase $10,000.00 or more in one calendar year automatically qualify for an invitation to the program.

** Where applicable and available.

***There is no cost to apply for membership and no costs if you are accepted.